Photo of the National Infantry Museum

National Infantry Museum

Columbus (Ft. Benning), Georgia. Visitors enter the National Infantry Museum by walking The Last Hundred Yards, a series of full-scale immersive environments that portray turning-point moments in the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, and other conflicts in which the U.S. Infantry has taken “the last hundred yards” and thereby changed the course of history. An original music score that evolves as you walk through the experience, theatrical lighting, video projection and scenic design invite visitors into the Infantry story in a deeply engaging way. Media experiences weave the dramatic and revealing story of the U.S. Army Infantry through the museum and include multi-screen theaters, surprise-reveal scrim/screen environments, globe projections, and other special-format experiences developed for this unique attraction. The visitor’s experience concludes with an emotionally powerful signature film that places many of the stories encountered in the museum within the broader context of the mission, purpose, and unique role of the U.S. Infantry in the story of America. Recipient of the Themed Entertaiment Industry THEA Award.